Newcomer Admission

MSA University - Newcomer Admission

Admission Procedure:

All High School certificates holders must obtain at least the minimum percentages set by MSA admission office for the same year of admission, in accordance with the percentages set by the Egyptian ministry of Higher Education:

1. Qualifying Subjects:

Faculty Sections
Engineering, Computer Science Scientific Section – Math Branch
Pharmacy, Dentistry & Biotechnology Scientific Section – Science Branch
Management Sciences, Mass Communication
& Languages
Scientific Section – Science Branch
Scientific Section – Math Branch
Arts Section
Arts & Design Scientific Section – Science Branch (can apply to all majors).
Scientific Section – Math Branch (can apply to all majors).
Arts Section (can only apply to Fashion Design, Graphic & Media Art, Cinema and Theater & Production Design)

2. Requirements:

3. English Language Requirements: MSA English placement exam determines the acceptance and the academic load of each student.
Any student who sits for the English Language Test for the second time, has to pay EGP200.

Application Fees is 500 EGP - Apply Now

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