Reasons to Join Faculty of Dentistry

MSA University - Admission Requirements for Faculty of Dentistry

A: To be a good dentist how?
  • Excellent staff members.
  • Profound number of advanced dental units.
  • Strict infection control system.
  • A lot of available patients everyday.
  • A very comfortable library and full of recent textbooks.
  • Subscription in EBSCOHOST one of the most advanced research databases.
  • Operations room for one day surgeries under general anesthesia.
  • Labs and Clinics equipped with recent visual aids.
  • One of the most advanced research labs in faculties of dentistry in the Arabic region.
  • All the devices are up to date for example CEREC for construction of aesthetic prosthesis.
  • One of the first private faculties that is allowed to give the master degree in dentistry.
  • Due to the profound number of dental units and staff according to the international standards the student could end his working day at 3:00pm to have ample of time in the day for activities and social life .
B: To develop a good personality how?
  • Caravans for therapeutic treatment of the needy in the villages to serve the community.
  • Participation in LEBALADNA activities to help the poor people.
  • Participation in science club. your social media marketing partner