Foreign Students

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  • Thursday, 05 March 2020 14:24

MSA University - foreign students

Care for foreign students:

The college uses various methods and activities to care for foreign students, as specific strategies have been developed to care for foreign students such as :
  - Establishing a committee for foreign students in the college. This committee is concerned with caring for them and working to solve their problems. The college receives exclusively the names of international students from the university’s administration annually.
- The college administration accepts the requests submitted by foreign students to return some exams or compensate for attendance in lectures or practical classes in case they conflict with the travel or illness of some of them after submitting the documents proving that.
- Regular meetings are held with the foreign students and their opinion on the college is explored and their complaints and suggestions are resolved to solve them. The university also cares and tracks the continuous increase in the numbers of the foreign students. your social media marketing partner