Faculty of Engineering Programs

The Faculty of Engineering would like to welcome you to MSA University. The Faculty offers a B.Sc. degree for the following five programs:
- Architectural Systems Engineering (ASE).
- Computer Systems Engineering (CSE).
- Electrical Communication & Electronics Systems Engineering (ECE).
- Industrial Systems Engineering (ISE).
- Mechatronics Systems Engineering (MSE).
To graduate from one program, several required courses need to be met. These courses are distributed over a five-year span. The first year is common to all of the five programs. That year introduces the student to the basic areas of scientific knowledge and provides the student with the opportunity to get good insights into different Engineering disciplines that better position the student in selecting which of the five programs to pursue.

 See the chart below and click to enlarge

As the student proceeds throughout their five-year journey, the engineering faculty members provide the necessary support and guidance to:
- improve learning and thinking skills of all students.
- provide the students with access to all available MSA resources and e-learning facilities, as well as the Greenwich resources.
- provide the students with the essential theoretical and experimental engineering applications.
- select the most appropriate assessment methods that maximizes the learnings outcomes.
- provide the students with the necessary tools to interpret and analyze engineering problems.
- enhance the employability of all students by helping them improve their communication, presentation, and team-working skills.
- prepare all students to excel in their graduation projects, which get formally assessed and evaluated by a panel of internal and external examiners.
- intensify the students’ awareness and adaptability of the local and international job markets, which are very dynamic and rapidly changing.

All graduates from MSA’s faculty of Engineering receive two certificates: One approved by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities and the other approved by the University of Greenwich.

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