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A Step Towards Artificial Intelligence

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A Step Towards Artificial Intelligence

Within the framework and great concern of the Faculty of Mass Communication in regards to the safe use of digital media and AI applications in the field of media, and as a follow-up to its sixth scientific conference, which was held last November 2020 and in preparation for organizing and holding the seventh scientific conference of the faculty in November 2021, a massive celebration is here!


The Faculty of Mass Communication is happy to be celebrating and to be honoring the Faculty members and students who passed the artificial Intelligence exam by Huawei next Sunday, 21st of February at 11AM at Cinema Hall Student Services Building – SSB.


This celebration, with great pleasure, will take place as MSA University won the best private University award for the year of 2019 and then the Grand Prize by Huawei in 2020 as the University introduced and applied Artificial Intelligence and digital marketing in the courses of Mass Communication and other faculties.


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