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Applied Machine Learning in Healthcare Seminar

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Applied Machine Learning in Healthcare Seminar


On 26th of October 2020 Applied Machine Learning in Healthcare Seminar (Breast Cancer detection & Covid-19 detection)

Faculty Of Computer Science has Honor To Invite You All To Attend Our Seminar under title Of "Machine Learning in Healthcare : Breast Cancer & Covid-19 Detection" at Monday (26/10/2020) in SSB Cenima Hall at 12:30 pm

Machine learning in medicine has recently made headlines. Google has developed a machine learning algorithm to help identify cancerous tumors on mammograms. Stanford is using a deep learning algorithm to identify skin cancer. It is clear that machine learning puts another arrow in the quiver of clinical decision making.


Still, machine learning lends itself to some processes better than others. Algorithms can provide immediate benefit to disciplines with processes that are reproducible or standardized. Also, those with large image datasets, such as radiology, cardiology, and pathology, are strong candidates. Machine learning can be trained to look at images, identify abnormalities, and point to areas that need attention, thus improving the accuracy of all these processes.


The session aims to present how to develop a machine learning model to detect breast cancer in the early stages and covid-19 detection and how to optimize the model in order to obtain better results.


Session presenters

  • Dr. Ali Khater, Eng. Shereen Elfeki (Faculty of Computer Science)
  • Abderahman Ezz , Moustafa Said (CS students)
Session audience
  • Interested researchers in the medical and computer science fields.
  • Interested candidates who are looking for applied machine learning.

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