Artificial Intelligence Applications in Packaging Design Industry Featured

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  • Thursday, 29 April 2021 11:37
Artificial Intelligence Applications in Packaging Design Industry

On Tuesday May 4th - 09:15 am @Room L101


MSA University and the Faculty of Arts & Design would love to invite you to attend one of the most informative events related to Artificial Intelligence and that is Artificial Intelligence Applications in Packaging Design Industry! 

This event is intended to educate students about the importance of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Packaging and how it affects this industry in various ways. Students will learn how to utilize new softwares, tools and programs to reach better results while working on Packaging Design.



Lecturer: Eng. Ahmed Saber



- Event Benefits & Values:

Students will be introduced by Guest Speaker Eng. Ahmed Saber from Delta Company to the new technologies available through Artificial Intelligence in the industry of Packaging Design and how these technologies could enhance the quality and ability of the pack to better represent the product and brand.


Main Topics:


- The Types of smart packaging.
- The active packaging.
- Intelligent Packaging.
- What are the smart packaging benefits?
- The relations between smart packaging and Artificial Inelegance
- Digitization and the Smart Packaging Connected Packaging.
- Digitization and the Creativity in the Packaging Design.