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Blending Art With Architecture

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Blending Art With Architecture

On 4th Dec. 2019 {11:30 am - 2:30 pm} @ SSB Cinema Hall


Dear MSA Students & Staff members,,,


Our amazing talented,creative students and staff members.


This event tries to share a lot of young architects experience in the categories of design & competition in many fields that involves design. Integrating different types of art with architecture for more creative outcome.

Speakers :


“ HOW TO HAVE FUN & Win A Competetion ” 12:00 PM  Arch. Omar Mostafa - Arch.Mahmoud Amgad - Ahmed Zaki


"Why do we need Cinema studies in the Architecture Department” 12:30 PM  Arch. Taher AbdelGany


“ Design Thinking as a Mindset ” 01:00 PM  Arch. Amr Mousa


“ Self-learning Digital Art ” 01:30 PM  Arch. Mohameed Matter


This event is organised and powered by the new student activity "Creativity & Activity club" in the SSB building


For any further information about the Creativity & Activity club you can visit the website:


This Event is suitable for all Faculties.. Hurry up & Apply now