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Build Your Future Round 4

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Build Your Future Round 4

On 29th December 2018. {9:30 am 2:30 pm} in SSB

A short note about the event:
What is a career advice event? Career Advice is an incredible opportunity for all student to come together and get a one to one real interview done while also getting feedback right on the spot from experts! Don't miss out on this opportunity, get your CV's ready and prepare yourself for a real interview in order to get feedback and be even better prepared when your out in the market applying to jobs. A great interviews makes for a great first impression. ‎

Why host a career advice event? • To introduce students to careers related to their coursework and to help them identify the key skills needed in order to become a successful professional;
• To produce with opportunities to develop skills in communication, self‐presentation, and networking, which will prepare them for job interviews and other professional interactions;
• To develop relationships with area employers, which could lead to student internships, class visits, service‐learning projects, and other work‐based learning partnerships. links for last rounds :

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