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Design Process from Sketch to Reality

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Design Process from Sketch to Reality


On 15th of FebruaryFrom 12 PM to 1:30 PM

Faculty of Arts & Design and Interior Design department are so pleased to have Firas Alsahin the Co-founder and Design Director of 4SPACE - a dynamic, multi-talented, and multi-awarded design studio delivering quality architectural and interior design services in Dubai.


Firas Alsahin is going to give an incredible talk entitled “Design Process from Sketch to Reality”.


He is going to look back about the concept development, show the design process in his projects, how he retains the initial concept from an early sketch to demonstrate the design intent, and right through to making it reality on site! The talk sounds like a great opportunity to learn more about the design process and how to translate thoughts and ideas into a shared reality.


Don’t miss it!

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