DevOps Life by our guest speaker Eng. Amr Fahmy

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  • Tuesday, 20 April 2021 10:36
DevOps Life by our guest speaker Eng. Amr Fahmy


On Saturday April 24th 2021 {at 3:00 pm} Online Session

DevOps and Cloud engineering in one of the most important fields right now in computer science. Our guest “Eng. Amr Fahmy “is a specialist in those fields and he has been working in different countries experiencing different customers and environments. He is a specialist in cloud service (ex: AWS) also deploying microservices over pipelines (CI/CD) like Teamcity and Jenkins, using container services for our microservices like docker.


He has also a great experience in cloud deployment automation like Terraform that automates the deployment of any environment which fasten the blue/green concepts. Our guest will be very happy to share his experience with our students or anyone who is willing to know the software market in the North America and gulf region.


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