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Digital Egypt

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Digital Egypt

Under the auspices of the Information Technology Industry Development Authority of the Egyptian Ministry of Communications by using the blended learning over the Internet from the international company Udacity.

Within the framework of the presidential initiative, you can register now for our free “Digital Egypt” "مستقبلنا رقمي", initiative to develop your skills in the fields of technology and online freelance in web programming, data science and digital marketing, and obtain an internationally recognized certificate from Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon global companies.


Select an appropriate path based on your level of technology knowledge and experience:


  • Challenge track: For starters in the web, data or digital marketing fields.
  • Professional track: To increase your professional skills.
  • Advanced track: To reach an expert level and improve your capabilities.

The initiative is for all students or graduates from all majors, and the age ranges between 18 to 35 years, Join now and choose your preferences through: