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Digital PR Content Training Course

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Digital PR Content Training Course


On 23 - 26 - 30 January & 2 February 2021 From 12 pm to 3 pm Digital PR Content Training Course

MSA University and the Faculty of Mass Communication are contented to provide you with a golden opportunity to participate in a training course that is organized by the Faculty of Mass Communication.


This training course is “Digital Public Relations Content” and will be given by one of the prominent figures in the field of Public Relations and Marketing Asmaa Heikal- a PR specialist in Egyptian Athletic Union, a PR member at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, a former journalist at the Ministry of Youth and Sports and an apprentice at El Watan News.

Asmaa Heikal published scientific research in 2020 at the Middle East Foundation for scientific research and she has done scientific research on different fields of media. Currently, she is a representative member of the Faculty of Media, Cairo University at the Youth and Projects Committee, in addition she has taken multiple courses including the TOT course certified by the American University in Cairo and other courses in PR, directing, marketing, TV presenting and graphic design at Cairo University.


The outline of the course will be divided into two parts as follows; introductory about the traditional concept of PR that involves golden ethics of PR, types and activities of PR, PR tools and techniques, common mistakes in PR, crisis management, issues in management and public affairs and how to deal with them. It will also include media relations, how to make deals, the difference between PR and FR, the difference between PR and other media tools, etiquettes and protocols.


The other part will tackle digital PR; its types and strategies, how to create thoroughly a digital PR campaign, how to measure digital PR success, the differences between traditional and digital PR. The trainees will be required to make a final project on how to develop a digital PR campaign.

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