Innovative Exhibition at the Annual Graduation Project Fair -2013

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  • Wednesday, 01 May 2013 00:00
Innovative Exhibition at the Annual Graduation Project Fair -2013

on: 23 May. 2013
Graduation Projects' Fair is the best indicator of technological level depth and hands-on experience attained by MSA Engineering students, whose multi–faceted success is well commended in various aspects during the course of studies. We didn't forget yet the overwhelming success of last year's exhibition, as this current year, where MSA invited the most renowned and distinguished professors to evaluate the students' impressive Projects which represented the outcome of accumulated knowledge and ideas over the years of study.

 One of the most outstanding innovative projects was a design, which is a user's friendly "Car Crane" with low cost and maintenance, easy assembling and is used in workshops and "Quality Assurance Factories" Besides an impressive "Solar Energy Desalination Project". MSA’s distinguished Engineering graduates have always had an insight and sharp vision into the future. So, they concentrated on using the sustainable and renewable energy which is the solar energy which once more is used in central air conditioning by using Solar Energy heated water. There was even air conditioners that run without cooling aid 'Freon' or electric power. Brilliant ideas are never ending with MSA Engineering students as we have that 3D Photocopier using laser which could be recorded and re- run without 3D glasses. The real hit was that humanitarian manufacturing of gloves to aid the deaf and dumb with internationally acknowledged sign language which is monitored on a big screen accompanied by transcribed version. Engineering Faculty participated with distinguished projects that prove their compatibility with the requirements of the ever changing job markets and displayed their hands-on experience which is in harmony with their endeavors and studies. The judging panel was impacted and impressed with what they have witnessed of the thorough technological standard of the students and with their ability to research using the World Wide Web with all its electronic paths, besides mastering the English Language which is a crucial channel to international fields of knowledge.
On the other hand, Dr Nawal El Degwi, Head of the Board of Trustees stressed the fact that MSA is always exceeding the expectations by doing its best to cherish and sponsor Engineering students to graduate the best calibers who proved their skills by offering the best ever projects which guaranteed them exquisite job opportunities even before graduation which showed acknowledgement of their abilities to carry out these projects. MSA is really proud of its students who gain victories, one after the other in each and every field they encounter. We wish them all heartily congratulations and more success. Well done, keep up the good work.