International Risk Management Conference 2013

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  • Friday, 01 February 2013 00:00
International Risk Management Conference 2013

on: 21 Feb. 2013
Under the auspices of Dr. Nawal El Degwi, Head of the board of Trustees who sent a message of love from MSA to Egypt until it gets out of its dilemma and gets its economy back on track, Faculty of Management Sciences at MSA organized its first" International Conference which dealt with; The Effect of Arabic Spring Revolutions and its impact on Risk Management within the frame work of Governance.

Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Dr Ashraf El Arabi, Minister of Investment, Engineer Osama Saleh, previous Head of Cabinet Dr. Abdel Aziz Hegazi, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Researches, Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama, previous Minister of Developing of Housing and Utilities, Engineer Hasaballa El Kafrawy, previous Minister of Economy and International Trade, Dr. Mostafa El Saeed, Dr Sultan Abu Ali the previous Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade attended the conference. Besides an outstanding selected personnel with their expertise in Economy, Management, Political Sciences, Media, Tourism and Academics who were there too, to enrich the discussion with their projects , ideas and outlets to solve the economic hurdles. This conference was posted on Google through direct transmission from MSA advanced technical links. Dr Sultan Abu Ali delivered a speech about the risks of this transitional period that Egypt is going through right now after January 25 Revolution. Dr Ashraf El Arabi, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation and Mr. Osama Saleh Minister of Investment talked about; Egyptian Economy and challenges and opportunities in post- revolution era. Dr Mostafa Al Saeed, Professor or Economics at Cairo University also gave a lecture about development and thorough understanding of Market Economy. Mrs. Passant Fahmy , Head of the Board of Directors at 'Mashora', stock holders Company, dealt with role and responsibility of the Financial Institutions to address the risks to achieve the targeted development of the Egyptian Economy..