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Java SE Programming Course

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Java SE Programming Course


On Sat & Mon weeklyFrom 8:00 pm - 10:00 pmJava SE Programming Course

The DX Academy is inviting all MSA affiliates (students, employees, TAs & TLs, interested doctors) to attend a long version of the Java course (30 hours) that could open for you a wide door of programming and CS opportunities.


This course will be delivered by the DX Academy member (Dr. Ayman Ezzat).


1- Course Instructor:


Dr. Ayman Ezzat is an Associate professor at the Faculty of Computer Science, MSA. Helwan University received his Ph.D. from the University of Tsukuba, Japan 2011. Dr, Ayman is Co-Founder of HCI-LAB and head of the interaction group. His work includes finding new interaction techniques for large displays and finding abnormal behavior for driving vehicles, theft detection, sports activities. Dr. Ayman's research interests cover the wide spectrum of Human-Computer Interaction, including Gestures and natural interfaces, Wearable Sensors, Augmented Reality, and Brain-Computer Interaction. Despite the education and research challenges that face countries like Egypt, Dr. Ayman was a recipient of governmental-fund and awards on several occasions.


2- Course Topics:


The following topics are the main topics that are expected to be covered during the course:


  • Java Versus C++
  • Java Basic Syntax
  • Introduction to OOP and classes
  • Packages, abstract classes, static and protected members
  • Storage (Text files)
  • Storage (Binary Files)
  • Exception handling
  • Java ready-made Utility data structures (Lists ..etc)
  • GUI Programming
  • Event-Driven Programming
  • Threads
  • Network Programming


3- Intended Learning Outcomes:


After finishing this course, the attendee is expected to be able to Create a professional desktop application with JAVA. Understand basic concepts of Object-oriented programming. Understand Threading and Network programming. Develop basic 2D games. Be well prepared for android development.


4-Prerequisite for this course


To be able to continue in this course, you will need to have the following:


  • Basic programming knowledge and skills. C, C++, C#, or Python pre-knowledge is preferred. By the word BASIC, we mean you understand the difference between Constants, and Variables, different types of loops, conditioning, functions, and procedures, etc..
  • Hardworking and team working.
  • Problem-solving skills.


5- Registration:


The first step is to go and register before the end of Tuesday (27th October 2020)


After registration, we will keep you posted about the next steps.


6- Expected Start Date & Course durations:


The Course is expected to start to run during the first week of November ISA. It is expected to cover all of these topics in 8 weeks, 3 to 4 hours weekly ISA.


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