Role of E-commerce in the Business market & IT

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  • Thursday, 25 March 2021 12:32
Role of E-commerce in the Business market & IT


On 3rd of April 2021 at 6 pm Online Session

The Faculty of Computer Science, with great pleasure, is pleased to announce and to invite all students to the event under the title of "E-Commerce Full stack Developer, A day in my life” by the respectable guest and speaker Eng. Abdulrahman Abdelhamid, who will introduce the role of E-commerce in the Business market and IT.


Eng. Abdulrahman Abdelhamid is a software engineer at and with experience in E-Commerce applications and founder of Exception Student Committee. Abdul Rahman graduated from a private University and was the first in his class, he entered the university and had a passion for learning and helping others over his university years.


Therefore, he was one of the best people in helping others and that was one of the reasons for establishing the Exception Student Committee.


Not only that but also, Abdelrahman graduated and found the job market open to him because he had the experience that qualified him to work in the best technology companies.


His first job was in an app-based company (Rakna) as a full stack developer, currently he works as a software engineer at Bites.


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