Stock Market Simulation at MSA - 2013

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  • Wednesday, 01 May 2013 00:00
Stock Market Simulation at MSA - 2013

on: 03 June. 2013
In a thrilling celebration, Dr Nawal El Degwi accompanied by Dr Khairy Abdel Hamid, were pleased to honour a group of the most distinguished students of the Faculty of Management Sciences, for their successful contribution in Stock Market and Bourse Simulation which was meticulously organized by 200 students supervised by expertise of faculty members.

The main objective of this simulation was to get acquainted to the Stock Market and its historic origination, besides the role played by the Egyptian Bourse to realize and achieve the economic growth to all the clients of investors and exporters. It had always been a major part of MSA strategy to spread the financial awareness and engrain investment outlook in the Stock Market among its students which eventually would contribute to create savvy young calibers who will lead the future of investment in Egypt.
Stock Market simulation Forum was screened on a huge monitor for three days, so it can be watched as real stock market daily dealings. The second target of that forum was providing the students with free lectures and seminars about the best methods of reading the financial analysis and the basis of foreign exchange, which is an essential part of the forum as it supplied students with clear notions about Investment Boxes, Electronic Exchange and all other peripheral operations of the Bourse. Dr Nawal El Degwi, Head of The Board of Trustees, was proud of her brilliant students who showed their capabilities to organize such an impressive forum and who helped the future economists from their colleagues to thoroughly understand the Egyptian Stock Market