"The Hows of Academics" Symposium

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  • Sunday, 09 May 2021 10:53
"The Hows of Academics" Symposium


On Wednesday 19th May 2021 at 9 AM Online Symposium

As MSA University and the Faculty of Engineering are keen to set your academic career, in partnership with EKB (Egyptian Knowledge bank), Clarivate web of Science, and Elsevier, The Outstanding hub is pleased to invite you to attend the hybrid symposium entitled "The Hows of Academics'' in which the experts in the field will address the following:


  • Introduction on how the EKB acts as a vital tool in academia
  • How to write a proper scientific paper
  • The submission process
  • The metrics used to evaluate a Journal (Qs- Impact factors)
  • What is an H-index
  • And a lot more,

Certificates of Attendance issued by Clarivate web of science and Elsevier will be delivered for those who will attend the sessions.


Symposium Agenda:

MSA University - Symposium Agenda



Symposium Speakers:

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View Speaker's Biography


Hurry up what you are waiting for! The seats are limited!


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