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The Power of Believing Featured

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The Power of Believing

On 29th December, 2019 @ SSB Cinema Hall {12:30 pm - 02:30 pm}


A story of Hope, Life, Love & optimism by Mrs. Radwa Moussa Youssef the special speaker who will be our guest on Sunday the 29th of December at 12:30pm till 02:30pm @ the SSB –Cinema Hall.

Mrs.Radwa is a mother of three, owner of “Create a Smile” a non-profit organization and a writer who published her first book, "Zein, A Tale of Darkness and Light", which became a bestseller in its first week at the 2019 Cairo Book Fair.


The book reveals the true story of how Radwa and her family decided to turn every negative into a positive and embraced life despite its harsh reality after a major life event occurred to her family in February 2013 when her oldest son, Zein was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer, and began a journey that turned her family’s life inside out.


You are all invited to attend this inspiring session where Mrs.Radwa will talk more about her journey and all the obstacles she faced. (The Power of Believing....)