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Transcendence TEDx MSA University

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Transcendence TEDx MSA University

On 18 February 2017;

"Beyond the Boundaries of Time"
G Building @ MSA University Campus

Speaker #1: George Atef
"Beyond the Boundaries of Time" George Atef has an engineering bachelor's degree from the American University in Cairo, then found his passion in Marketing, and has been pursuing it for 10 years after attaining an MBA in Marketing from University of Scandinavia.
Have you ever thought of how time is fleeting?
George will clarify a major problem we have with regards to time and the lack of it; focusing on the external vs internal evolutions, technological advancements, and how they're all connected to our running out of time. Furthermore, he will present us with solutions to the problem, in order for us to compromise as well as transcend our time boundaries.
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