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The USA Election's Scenarios and Effects symposium

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The USA Election's Scenarios and Effects symposium


On 2nd of November 2020 The USA Election's Scenarios and Effects symposium

The Faculty of Mass Communication at October University for Modern Sciences and Arts will hold a significant media symposium to present and discuss scenarios and potential impacts of the American elections and their latest developments. The symposium will be held on the 2nd of November, next Monday, at 12:30 pm in the SSB Student Services Building -Cinema Hall- with the presence of senior media professionals, journalists and University Professors of Political and economic sciences from Egypt and the United States of America.


The symposium will be moderated by Prof. Ayman Attia, the chief broadcaster of Sawt Al Arab.


Guests from Egypt:


Prof. Diaa Rashwan, President of the State Information Service.


Mr. Emad Eldin Hussein, Editor-in-Chief of Al-Shorouk Newspaper and Member of the Senate.


Dr. Gamal Salama, Professor of Political Science - Suez Canal University.


Dr. Sayed Ghunaim, President of the Center for Global Security and Defense Studies in Abu Dhabi - Member of the Advisory Board for the Security Studies and Information Analysis Program at the American University in UAE.


Mr. Mahdi Afifi, Writer, political analyst and member of the Democratic Party.


Mr. Ezzat Ibrahim, Journalist


Guests from the United States of America:


Dr. Nabil Mikhail, Professor of political science at George Washington University.


Dr. Walid Fares, former advisor to US President Donald Trump.


Symposium themes:

  • Expected scenarios: Who will win Trump or Biden?
  • How the Arab and International Media Deal with the Electoral Context: An Analytical View.
  • The personal aspects of the election candidates and whether does it play a role in resolving the conflicts towards the White House?
  • The American elections and the issues of the constant and changing Middle East.


  • It is a general invitation
  • The symposium will be held within the hybrid system and broadcast live via Zoom Webinar and the MSA’s official social media channels.
  • Health and safety instructions and procedures will be applied

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