Virtual Build Your Future

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  • Sunday, 23 May 2021 12:33
Virtual Build Your Future


On Thursday 27th of May 2021 From 10 am - 3 pm Online via Zoom

MSA University – Students training committee ( MSA-STC) conducts an annual career advice event “Virtual Build Your Future” to introduce the students to the labor market and help them to identify the key skills needed in market nowadays.


What is a career advice event?


Career advice is a venue in which students and employers can exchange ideas and information about employment opportunities through Mock-up Interview.


Some employers actively recruit summer internships at career advice event, while others participate in order to learn what skills and perspectives geography students can offer their organizations, to stay connected with and "give back" to the departments and institutions from which they graduated, and to demonstrate their interest in hiring geography graduates.


Participating students can explore a range of career paths, network with prospective employers, and practice essential professional skills.


The Event will also delivers three different career advice session to advice the students how to develop their communication skills, self‐presentation, and networking, which will prepare them for job interviews and other professional interactions.


Participants Companies:

1. Orange Business



To conduct a mock-up interview:

MSA University - Guest Speakers

The first session will be given by Eng. Amr Mohamed, Head of IBO Service Operation & International Business operation at Orange Business Services, at 10AM to 11PM, to be more aware of the new technology fields nowadays

Register from the following link:


The second session will be given by Eng.Abed El-Nahass, Support Engineering Manager at Microsoft and a certified career coach, at 11AM to 12PM to be fully aware of interview tips and writing a professional CV.

Registration From the following link:


The third session will be given by Mariam Samir, HR Executive & Certified Career Coach, at 12 to 1PM to be fully aware of the most trending tips of Personal Branding: