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Why Study at the Faculty of Languages?

The Faculty of Languages, MSA University was established in the year 1999. The Faculty of Languages is set up with a view to meet the challenging demands dictated by the fast-changing job market of the 21st Century. The British partnership with the University of Bedfordshire, UK - signed in 2014 - aligns the educational services provided by the Faculty of Languages with the British international standards of higher education. The Faculty of Languages is the first of its kind in Egypt that provides its graduates with a dual degree: a British degree awarded by the University of Bedfordshire, UK and an Egyptian degree accredited by the Supreme Council of Higher Education in Egypt that is equivalent to the certificate awarded by the Faculties of Alsun. The dual degree is offered through a wide array of interdisciplinary programmes that combine English Language Studies with other disciplines addressing the needs of the job market and pursuing the latest trends in the field of higher education.


Working closely with the students, the Faculty of Languages focuses on developing creative abilities, critical thinking skills, cultural awareness and lifelong autonomous learning. It further fosters interactive learning processes, extra-curricular activities, internship programmes and research work to equip graduates with necessary skills that enable them to perform exceptionally well with focus and confidence in national and international job markets.



The Faculty of Languages offers Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in four separate programmes/ pathways. These programmes provide students with life-long skills that employers are seeking and give graduates a competitive edge in the employment market.

  • English Language Studies (Translation)
  • English Language Studies (Executive Skills) (Human Resources, Management & Business Administration Skills).
  • English Language Studies (Teaching English as a Foreign Language -TEFL).
  • English Language Studies (Comparative Studies) (Literature, Cinema and Theatre)


Second Foreign Languages

Students of the Faculty of Languages choose one of the following languages to study as a second foreign language.

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish


Academic/Research Activities

  • International Conferences

The Faculty of Languages, MSA University is pleased to launch its first international conference “Translating Cultures: Theory and Practice” in October 2019. The conference aims to highlight the role of cultures and/or cultures in translation in enlightening people and transmitting diverse values, narratives and histories. This enlightenment contributes to a level of understanding that leads to appreciation, tolerance, acceptance and inter/cross-cultural communication.


  • Mini Conferences and Staff Development Workshops between Languages MSA and the University of Bedfordshire

The Faculty of Languages-MSA University hosts Mini–Conferences in collaboration with its academic partner, the University of Bedfordshire (UK). These academic events, “Sharing Experiences” aim to provide staff of both parties with the opportunity to present and share views and current research work that inspire scholars.


Bonding with Our Graduates

One of the strategic objectives of the Faculty of Languages is to provide its students and graduates with the required skills for the job market. Therefore, it invites graduates of the faculty to attend important workshops to learn from experts in different professional fields.

  • Workshops to Enhance Skills and Market Requirements in Translation Industry
  • Participation in MSA Employment Fair
  • MSA Scholarships for Distinguished Students


Student Support and Extra-Curricular Activities

As much as the academic programmes offered by the Faculty of Languages engage the students in a distinguished learning experience, students are correspondingly encouraged to live a well-rounded student life. The Faculty of Languages offers a healthy outlet for artistic expression and communal awareness in an educational environment that enhances creativity, diversity, involvement, and social commitment. Graduates of the Faculty of Languages are empowered to be round characters and life-long learners in a continuously changing world of knowledge.

  • Internship Programmes and Graduation Projects
  • Faculty Publications and Prominent Guest Speakers
  • Field trips and Community Services
  • Writing and Support Center
  • Summer Programme at Bedfordshire University


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