Vision, Mission & Strategic Objectives


The faculty is seeking to be one of the leading institutions in the Middle East in management sciences with programs that meet the quality requirements of the local, regional, and the international markets. The Faculty also aspires to be a source of educational excellence in management sciences that combines latest theory with practical experience to best suit and serve the community.


The Faculty of Management Sciences focuses on self and interactive learning practices for students to develop their skills and theoretical knowledge through, providing a variety of programs, curriculums, and facilities that meet quality standards and the market’s requirements for all specializations, developing the capabilities and skills of the teaching staff through academic (scientific) research and training and contributing to the development and growth of the community.

Strategic Objectives:

1. To attract the largest number possible of distinguished students to join the faculty.
2. To increase the number of academic researches.
3. To contribute effectively to environmental development and community services.
4. To ensure continues development for effective teaching, learning and assessment.