Marketing and International Business PROGRAMME

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  • Tuesday, 22 September 2015 23:00


This undergraduate programme is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a challenging, and stimulating career in marketing. The programme aims to:

  • Provide students with a coherent body of knowledge, theories and concepts of marketing and international business.
  • Develop the ability of the student to apply and implement this knowledge in order to solve practical marketing problems across different types of firms, both on the local and international level.
  • Prepare the students for employment in a career in different marketing areas and disciplines including marketing research, promotion, advertising agencies, sales and distribution in various types of companies.
  • Prepare students for lifelong learning.

Coordinator’s Welcome



n behalf of our instructors and teaching assistants we would like to welcome you to the Marketing & International Business Programme. We trust you will find your programme of study enjoyable; and that the knowledge and skills that you will gain at MSA will be both satisfying and rewarding. This programme awards the degree of BA (Hons) Marketing & International Business.

Marketing is now an essential area in practically all aspects of life starting from self marketing to marketing products, services, persons, ideas, and events. In addition there is an increasing demand now for social marketing and marketing for non-profit organizations that are in constant need of donations and sponsorship. Finally there is a new branch of marketing that is gaining a foothold in our today’s Egypt, which is political marketing.

Marketing is now becoming the back-bone of successful companies and marketers are taking leading roles in local, international and multinational corporations. Differentiation and creating a competitive edge are the essence for survival in business now a-days. As such, this is relatively new discipline of knowledge is becoming more and more important in our present world.

Marketers and marketing managers have to be equipped with the latest trends in the field and have to develop the skills of self learning as they will face a constantly changing environment full of competition and they will require to constantly update their inputs and transfer their pervious knowledge and skills to face the ever-changing external and internal environmental conditions.

In our dynamic world of continuous change corporate organizations need to find ways to establish a positive image for their products or services. There is growing interest and continuous market need for marketing and marketers.

This programme prepares you for a career in marketing and international business. So if you are after a challenging job at multinational corporations that offer the best experience, remuneration, and overall benefits; and if you are interested in the exciting and dynamic areas of marketing research, sales, promotion, distribution and pricing which exist in all organizations; then this is what our enjoyable programme is all about. Moreover, we offer you practical cases about how to deal with marketing problems of companies in the local and international markets and train you on solving them.

Finally, I would like to assure you that our team of dedicated instructors and teaching assistants will spare no effort in advising and guiding you, so you can make the most out of this programme.


Wishing you the best of luck in your studies

Programme Coordinator.

Samia El Sheikh


The programme is studied over a minimum of four years (2 semesters per year namely Fall and Spring Semester with the Summer as being optional). In order to graduate, you have to successfully complete all modules with a total of 135 credit hours.

The programme is divided into study units called modules. Each module, on average, has a load of 3 credits. Modules are set at levels 1,2,3,4 indicating progressively more advanced studies. A student can't register in a module unless he has passed all prerequisite modules. This system of perquisites is used to ensure that a student taking a module has undertaken the necessary preparatory work. The aims and outcomes of each module contribute to the overall aims and outcomes of the programme.


Marketing and International Business Programme – Four Years Plan :

Download the courses description PDF file of Marketing and International Business programme 2015 - 2016

Download the four years plan of Marketing and International Business programme for students joining September 2016 onwards


The programme prepares the students for a wide variety of future careers. Students typically join marketing research firms, advertising agencies, banks, multinational companies, governmental agencies and marketing and sales activities in various industries; they may choose to specialize by continuing their education at the Master’s level or at professional degrees.


MSA University is always keen to offer its students a competitive edge to compliment their Bachelor degrees. And because many students are interested to acquire a strong foundation in many areas of study, MSA University decided to introduce minors that will be of interest to MSAians with high academic achievement, in many exciting areas.

Earning a minor allows students to address their diverse academic interests and develop extra skills, which for a future employer is very important to show that they have a second area of expertise. The student can chose a minor that goes in handy with the student’s major or a minor that is in a totally different field to add excitement to their studying experience at MSA. For example, if you’re an Engineering student, how about taking up a Management minor? You sure would like to open up your own business one day, and you’ll certainly need to learn more about organizational management and how to become a great leader.

It's a very flexible way to plan ahead and combine their areas of interest and save time and money in their years of university study; it only consists of 5 courses. The only requirement is a minimum of CGPA 2.00 in the first year in university.

It’s worthy to mention that taking a minor will extend the student’s regular graduation time by one semester.

Chose a minor and stand out!

Marketing and International Business major can choose one of the following minors:

1. Accounting Minor:


  • Intermediate Accounting I – FAC202
  • Intermediate Accounting II – FAC302
  • Advanced Accounting – FAC305
  • Auditing I – FAC306
  • Current Issues in Accounting – FAC408


2. Economics Minor:


  • Money and Banking – ECO303
  • International Trade – ECO403
  • Economic Planning and Project Evaluation – ECO409
  • Optional Modules (two module = 3 credit hours each):
  • Public Finance – ECO306
  • Labor Economics – ECO308
  • Environmental Economics – ECO412


3. Finance Minor:


  • Financial Management II – FAC211
  • Corporate Finance - FAC314
  • Investment and portfolio Management – FAC411
  • International Finance – FAC410
  • Banking Management – FAC415


Note: Students must take five courses above their standard curriculum. Kindly refer to the Student Affairs Office for more information. your social media marketing partner