Student Support and Counselling

MSA University - STUDENT COUNSELLING & SERVICES - Faculty of Management Science

Student Support and Counselling:

MSA's main mission is to provide a well rounded unique learning environment for the students. Staff members and students interact together constantly as members of one large family. MSA has introduced many methods to provide academic advice and aid to all students through the following channels:

1. Student Affair:

The Student Affairs is where you can go as a first point of call to find out information or to seek advice. It is also where you are going to get support in the following areas:

  • Handling concerns and complaints.
  • Academic advice .
  • Registration procedure.
  • Advice on career placement and training opportunities.
  • Disability support and guidance.
  • Attendance excuses.
  • Counselling.
  • Provide advice on any issue that concerns students’ welfare other than the above.
  • 2. Academic/ Staff advisor:

    Academic advisors are available for students to offer advice and guidance during registration of courses and at all times throughout the semester. They also provide information to students about the different majors within the faculty. The assistants are also available to offer advice and support at any time.

    3. Extra Tutorials/Office Hours/Individual Tutorials :

    The Faculty of Management Sciences prides itself on the close relationship between its staff and students. Tutors direct students to their studies and ensures that they know what work they need to cover in any given module. Students can seek advice from the teaching assistants and instructors either during their office hours or by email, extra tutorials and revisions are offered before formal exams (Mid-Final).

    Student Services:

    1. Library:

    MSA library keeps books, periodicals, videos, CD ROMs, and other teaching/learning supplementary materials for the different subjects. The library also has access to a number of electronic libraries including EBSCOHOST (4 main business related databases) which support the research work of faculty and students.

    2. Online learning resources:

    Students have access to use on line learning resources to study and solve some of their assignments such as My Math lab, My Management Lab, Moodle, and MSA e-learning website. Increasingly tutors will be using existing and emerging learning technologies to engage students in e-learning activities.

    3. Access to UoG Portal:

    Students will also have access to our collaborative student portal via online access. Student should refer to the student affairs department in the faculty for more information.

    4. E-Mail :

    All students have an e-mail with their This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. that they must activate in order to receive the latest news, events, and training opportunities.