AI & Translation Technologies

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AI & Translation Technologies

Because Artificial intelligence (AI) has infiltrated numerous aspects of our lives in recent years, the Faculty of Languages- MSA University- in cooperation with MSA - STC invited students on March 9, 2020 to explore how AI is breaking the language barrier in an astounding session entitled "Artificial Intelligence & Translation Technology" presented by Mr Ammar ElGohary, CEO of Elaph, the leading Translation and Interpretation Multi-National Company.

Mr Ammar ElGohary delivered a wonderful talk. He highlighted the fact that for centuries, human translation was essential for communication and that humans, with their unique ability to understand context and cultural differences, were the only ones able to translate between different languages.


In the present day though, he clarified, AI is completely challenging that idea through the use of digital tools that use advanced artificial intelligence to not only translate the words that are written or spoken, but also to translate the meaning –as well as the sentiment- of the message. With the purpose of communicating figures of speech, idiomatic expressions, regionalisms, slang and other spoken elements accurately between the languages, AI translation succeeds with greater accuracy. Mr Ammar concluded that although AI translation is evolving immensely, it can hardly still completely replace human translation. However, human translators must learn additional skills along with their language skills to work efficiently with the ever growing AI translation.


Professor Khairy Abdel Hamed, MSA President, students & staff members from the Faculty of Languages joined with staff members from the Faculties of Computer Science and Mass Communication attended the session. They showed great enthusiasm and engagement in the session. As a token of appreciation, Professor Khairy and Professor Soha Raafat, Dean of the Faculty of Languages, awarded a Certificate of Appreciation & MSA trophy to Mr Ammar ElGohary in recognition of the successful session & the prosperous partnership with ELAPH. your social media marketing partner

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