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Applications of Stem Cells Workshop

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Applications of Stem Cells Workshop

The faculty of Biotechnology held a workshop entitled “Applications of Stem Cells”. The day entailed several activities including guest speakers and a practical session; the main theme portrayed the notion of encouraging participants to further their learning and development in the processes and applications of stem cells.

It began with a welcome note from the faculty’s programme leader. Followed by a session from Prof. Mervat Eldftar a Professor of tissue engineering from the National Cancer Institute (NCR) with a lecture entitled “The Applications of Stem Cells in Tissue Engineering”, Then a session was held by Prof. Wael Aboulkheir, Professor of Immunology and Microbiology at the Military Medial Academy and the secretary general of the national stem cells society with a session entitled “The Clinical Application of Stem Cells”, and a final session by Mr. Fayez Fouad, Tissue Engineering Specialist, entitled “the applications of Stem Cells in Biomedical Engineering”. A practical session was held after with the students who were taught basics for ‘separation of stem cells from the bone marrow of rats’. The event described as exceptionally educational by all its participants

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