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Arts and Design graduation projects Second Celebration

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Arts and Design graduation projects Second Celebration

The faculty of Arts and Design at MSA University is celebrating the second graduating class in various majors: Indoor Design, Graphics and Media Arts, Fashion design, Cinema and Theatre design.

Graduation project appraisals were undertaken over two days, Wednesday the 22nd and Thursday the 23rd of June, 2016 and were attended by a group of professors at Egyptian Universities from all specialties as external appraisers, as well as appraisal committees from Bedfordshire University, UK.

The university grants an Egyptian degree accredited by the High Counsel of Universities along with a British degree from Bedfordshire. The exhibition this year encompasses plenty of submitted works which relate to all work aspects, for example in Indoor Design: New airports, specialized museums, craft centers, technology centers, hospitals, tourism companies and entertainment centers.

A for the Graphics and Advertising Techniques department, submissions included commercial internet websites, animations, short films, filling and packaging designs, integrated ad braces, as well as enterprise identity designs and some media arts. Fashion design submissions included some works inspired by many civilizations and norms, also utilizing various production techniques for cloth processing.

Cinema and Theatre: some special approaches in cinematic and theatre directing include design of work ambience for many literature novels such as: Carl Gola, Beneath the Volcano, The Red Mill, Chicago, The Missing Link in the Dove, Blood of the two Pacts, Hallaj Tragedy, and Toya. your social media marketing partner