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Biotechnology Graduation Projects discussion

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Biotechnology Graduation Projects discussion

The Faculty of Biotechnology held its Graduation Projects discussion on Saturday 26th of Jan 2019, where 157 Individual Graduation projects held in 66 different institutes in collaboration with the Faculty of Biotechnology where discussed on that day.

5 publications in high impact factor journals Scopus and Thomson Reuters, 66 different examiners from the different institutes in several fields (Medical biotechnology in both Cairo University and Ain Shams University, Stem cells, Forensics, Marine biotechnology, Petroleum research institute, Bees biotechnology, Pharmaceutical biotechnology & more) all praised the students’ knowledge, innovative ideas and scientific discussions. The faculty also honored the student of the year awarded to Hind Ahmed as she got "منحه علماء الجيل" that grants her a scholarship to prepare her masters degree at the University of Cairo and Petroleum Research Institute. your social media marketing partner