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Dental Convoy to NES School

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Dental Convoy to NES School

In a constant effort to serve the community, MSA Faculty of Dentistry organized another Dental Convoy led by Dr Samah Kamel and Dr Mona Abdel Moteleb. And went to (NES) for the second time this year to continue the treatment for all grades on November 26, 2012. The aim of this visit was to diagnose the teeth of the children (550 children) and to teach them how to brush their teeth. 

The team also told kids of grades one – four, stories about fighting cavities formation; we taught other grades the general oral hygiene. Dr Mona Abdel Moteleb gave them a lecture on healthy food then distributed a box containing fruits & vegetables to each child then gave them plaster model of teeth with cavities and made them to fill the cavities with clay; at the end we gave the kids colouring papers and stickers. your social media marketing partner