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Faculty of Languages - Signing a Cooperation Agreement with ETLA

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Faculty of Languages - Signing a Cooperation Agreement with ETLA

The Faculty of Languages - Signing a Cooperation Agreement with ETLA
In part of the education excellence policy pursued by the Faculty of Languages as well as the perseverance to graduate calibers with high potentials and outstanding skills that meet the job market requirements, a cooperation of agreement was signed on Nov 28, 2018 with The Egyptian Translators & Linguists' Association (ETLA) & the Arab School of Translation.

The agreement was signed by the Faculty Dean, Professor Soha Rafaat, and ETLA Founder & President, Dr Hossam ElDeen Mostafa. Both institutions agreed to an extended exchange of knowledge, experiences and training opportunities and to support each other in further improvement of the qualifications of the students to meet the challenges in the field of translation industry. They highlight their intent to further encourage and seek opportunities to organize joint translation-bound and relevant linguistic activities reaching from training workshops, seminars and conferences. By signing such cooperation agreements, the Faculty of Languages stands out for its innovative education model, practical character and multidisciplinary approach to education and professional excellence. The students in the Faculty of Languages will benefit from an intensification of Practical education that empowers them with the skills demanded in today's job market. ETLA is a non-profit institution that is officially authorized from the Egyptian Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Culture, Higher Education, Education and 15 governmental organizations in addition to the Arab League. ELTA is founded to foster the professional development of individual translators and interpreters in Egypt and the Middle East by bridging the cultural gabs and spreading knowledge in today's global world. It organizes local and international conferences and workshops in various fields related to translation, linguistics, language and creativity in more than 40 languages.

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