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MSA MWHO Annual International Conference 2019

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MSA MWHO Annual International Conference 2019

In the framework of the keenness of the Faculty of Pharmacy MSA University to develop the skills of its students and belief in the importance of youth and health to build the future, the Faculty was honored to inaugurate the first International Health Simulation Model Conference


On Saturday, July 13. The conference is the first of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East. The conference will feature simulations of the World Health Organization from several countries such as England, France and Spain.

The conference aims at simulating the World Health Organization (WHO) events to increase health awareness among youth and university students in the medical and non-medical sectors. The issue of non-communicable diseases is discussed in accordance with the National Campaign of the President of Egypt "100 million health".

Participating in the opening of the conference Prof. Siddiq Abdul Salam Secretary of the Supreme Council of Private Universities on behalf of HE Prof. Khaled Abdul Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education. The Ministry of Health participates:

The conference also welcomes guests from the World Health Organization:

As for our European partners, we will host:


  • Prof. Mohammed Hassani, Assistant Minister of Health Population for Public Health Projects and Initiatives and Associate of Liver and Digestive Diseases at the National Institute of Liver and Endemic Diseases.
  • Dr. Hadeer Rustam: Director of the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Vigilance Center
  • Dr. Wathik Khan and Dr. Batoul al-Wahdani: WHO advisers to the Middle East Regional Office (EMRO)
  • Dr. Omar Abu Al-Atta is the head of the surveillance, preparedness and response program at the WHO office in Egypt
  • And pleased to host:
  • Dr. Najla Bazan: Head of Clinical Pharmacy at the Unit of Sherif Mokhtar for critical cases at Al-Qasr Al-Ainy
  • Dr. Sherif Kamal: General Supervisor of Pharmacy and Director of Clinical Pharmacy Programs at Hospital 57357 Of the hospital sector from the academical field we hosted hosts
  • Dr. Mahmoud Yasin: Vice Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy Ain Shams University
  • Dr. Amimeh Al Dahshan Head of Drug Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Ain Shams University
  • Dr. Magdy Aldhashan Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Azhar
  • Brian Wong: Founder and President of the London World Health Organization Simulation Model
  • Haren de Silva: Founder and President of the WHO Simulation Model at the University of Sheffield, England, and a practicing doctor at the University of Yorkshire
  • Taylor Harris: Founder and President of the World Health Organization Simulation Model, Faculty of Public Health, Granada, Spain
  • Marin Delgranh: representative of the WHO simulation model in Paris, France
It is worth mentioning that this conference is the first of its kind in Egypt among all models Simulating global health in all Egyptian universities and in the Middle East as well. Thus, the Faculty of Pharmacy of the MSA University has for the first time among the Egyptian universities the first international conference of international health simulation models in Egypt and the Middle East. your social media marketing partner