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MSA Science club first contribution in the Egyptian Science Week

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MSA Science club first contribution in the Egyptian Science Week

The Science club was invited to be a field partner to the Egyptian Science Week. A prestigious scientific awareness event that occurs every year sponsored by the highest ranks scientific entities among them Nature Arabia, Scientific American, IEEE and academic partners like Jameel Foundation, AUC and NTRA. The science club have presented its first contribution through a project/presentation skills workshop on Wednesday 7th of March that started at 1:00 pm and ended at 5:00 pm.

The workshop was presented in a non-conventional and funny way and targeted 50 students from pharmacy, engineering, Biotechnology and Dentistry and were trained by the club trainer “Noran Ezz El Din” a 4th year pharma student and a licensed trainer.

After evaluating each one basic set of skills at the beginning of the workshop they were taught to avoid their mistakes and the common ones. They learned the importance of body language. As a final practice the trainer made them work in team out their comfort zone and successfully present a project idea under time stress in a 2 minutes presentation. They concluded by evaluating them in comparison to their performance at the beginning of the workshop. The event was covered by “El Masry el Youm” journal and announced on the official site of the Egyptian Science week

Link at ESW

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