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Skills of The Professional Translator Workshop

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Skills of The Professional Translator Workshop

The Faculty of Languages, in cooperation with the Arab School for Translation, organized a Translator Training Workshop entitled “Skills of The Professional Translator” on January 28, 2019. The workshop was conducted by Dr Hossam Eldeen Mostafa, a highly acclaimed professional translator and the president of the Arab School of Translation, Cairo, Egypt.

The workshop aimed to train students from the Faculty of Languages to acquire skills in the field of professional Translation. It addressed the basic skills within the translation industry through functional activities & practices in an attempt to acquaint participants with real-market scenarios across a number of Translation sectors. The workshop further encouraged the participants to consider the various ways in which meaning can be translated, and explore some of the universal challenges faced by professional translators. praised the students’ knowledge, innovative ideas and scientific discussions. As a token of encouragement, Dean of the Faculty of Languages, Professor Soha Raafat, awarded a certificate of attendance to all participants to show support and guidance to all pursuing a career in Translation. Similarly, a certificate of Appreciation was awarded to Dr Hossam Eldeen Mostafa in recognition of the successful workshop & the prosperous partnership with the Arab School Translation. your social media marketing partner