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The Chemistry Magic Show – the opening event of the Dentistry Science Club

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The Chemistry Magic Show – the opening event of the Dentistry Science Club
The Dentistry Science Club held its opening event recently, a spectacular scientific magic show. It was aimed to take students outside their academic studies and creating the idea of “no I need to learn other skills to interact successfully with my community”.
This event aimed to create awareness of the Science Club as well as display the fun aspect of a science that is considered annoying and hard, explaining the effects of chemical science and educating the audience on why and how these reactions happened.
The Science Club is currently recruiting a small number of new members to work on the upcoming projects including awareness campaigns, seminars by inspirational guests and other ideas.
“As simple as possible”
The Science Club Members would like to thank all those who attended the our opening event starting from the Faculty Dentistry Dean Dr. Hala Zaatar and our honorable staff members and all our friends and students from other faculties we thank you for your constant support. Many great thanks to our unique and precious Senior consultant for her efforts and support Dr. Sahar Showkaat.
We wanted just to point that all what you have seen on the event was the effort and work of 4 Dentistry students who are Fady Adel and Doaa Mohammed those who performed the show, Sherien Atef and Nourhan Yasser who were dealing with the audience and providing information. Their efforts were Coordinated and guided by TA Ahmed Ihab (Senior trainer) and AL Mohamed A. Moussa (Coordinator and Founder). your social media marketing partner