Keynote Speakers

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  • Monday, 23 September 2019 09:50

Prof. Mary MalcolmProfessor Mary Malcolm, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), University of Bedfordshire, UK Opening Ceremony Keynote Speaker PPT Title: “Last in Translation: The Promise and Practice of a Research-Teaching Nexus” - At University of Bedfordshire, Professor Malcolm has overall responsibility for the quality of the learning experience, including the work of the Centre of Learning Excellence to integrate into the curriculum the knowledge and skills that support enterprise, environmental sustainability, and global citizenship. - She further has a leading role in partnership development (UK and overseas), quality assurance and organizational development.

Dr. Omid TofighianDr. Omid Tofighian-
Assistant Professor, Philosophy – Department of Philosophy, School of Humanities and Social Sciences- AUC. Second Day Keynote Speaker PPT Title: “Refugee Filmmaking and the Border-Industrial Complex” - Omid Tofighian is an award-winning lecturer, researcher and community advocate, combining philosophy with interests in citizen media, popular culture, displacement and discrimination. He contributes to community arts and cultural projects and works with refugees, migrants and youth. - Tofighian has taught at different universities in Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Belgium, the Netherlands & Egypt. He has published numerous book chapters and journal articles.

Prof. Nadia El-KholyProf. Nadia El Kholy, Professor of English Language & Literature at Cairo University PPT Title: “The Fairy Tale and Translation: Is there an Egyptian Cinderella?” - University of Bedfordshire External Examiner at MSA University-Faculty of Languages - Nadia El Kholy was the Cultural Counsellor at the Egyptian Embassy in London from 2012-2015. She served as Director of the National Council for Children’s Culture, was a member of the jury for the Hans Christian Anderson international award for Children's Literature and is currently a member of the IBBY (international Board of Books for Young Readers) Executive Committee as well as President of the Egyptian Board of Books for Young Readers (EBBY). - Her research interests include writing and translation for children, Comparative and Postcolonial Literature, and Gender Studies.

Prof. Mustafa RiadProf. Mustafa R M Riad, Professor of English Literature, Faculty of Languages, MSA University PPT Title: “Ethical and Social Responsibility in the Practice of Translation: A Case Study of Egyptian Translators in Modern Times” - Professor Riad's research interests include comparative studies and translation. He is a translator and editor of several works and studies in literature and the humanities. Published papers and took part in conferences in Egypt and abroad in the fields of theatre and translation. He is the Ex- Editor-in-chief of Al Masrah (Theatre) magazine published by the General Egyptian Book Organization. And an esteemed expert in the Literature Committee of the Academy of the Arabic Language. your social media marketing partner