MSA University's World Wide Ranking

Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Ranking 2020 Released April 2020:

THE Impact Ranking 2020


MSA has earned 11th Position among 23 Egyptian Ranked Universities; for details please click the following link:


MSA has earned the Rank 401-600 among 768 Global Ranked Universities; for details please click the following link:


THE Impact Ranking 2020


The methodology is built up from individual Sustainable Development Goals. Universities receive a score and a rank for their activities in each of the SDGs for which they submit data. Participation in the overall ranking requires universities to submit data to at least four SDGs


Evidence is assessed according to a simple calculation approach. Where a metric requires evidence a series of questions are asked, and points are assigned according to the answer.

MSA University’s Ranking According to SCIMAGO IR 2020:

MSA University’s Ranking According to SCIMAGO IR 2020


MSA is proud to announce that we have been ranked 747th position among 7026 ranked universities and institutions around the globe. At the regional level, we have been ranked 104th position among 456 Middle Eastern ranked universities and institutions. MSA has earned the 23rd position among 41 Egyptian ranked universities and institutions, and 3rd position among 8 ranked Egyptian private universities and institutions. Under the category of Higher Education, MSA has earned 19th position among 34 ranked universities and institutions.



SCImago Institutions Rankings


And this is according to SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR), it is a classification of academic and research-related institutions ranked by a composite indicator that combines three different sets of indicators based on research performance (Weight 50%), innovation outputs (Weight 30%) and societal impact measured by their web visibility (Weight 20%).


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MSA University’s Ranking According to UniRank:



MSA University has been ranked among one of the top universities in Egypt (15th place) and occupies the 83rd place among the top 200 universities in Africa according to Uni Rank 2020.


UniRank™️ is the leading international higher education directory and search engine featuring reviews and rankings of over 13,600 officially recognized Universities and Colleges in 200 countries.


UniRank selection criteria:

Being chartered, licensed or accredited by the appropriate Egyptian higher education-related organization offering at least four-year undergraduate degrees (bachelor degrees) or postgraduate degrees (master or doctoral degrees) delivering courses predominantly in a traditional, face-to-face, non-distance education format


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