1-Who is the founder of MSA University?

Prof. Dr. Nawal El Degwi, a leading pioneer in the field of education. MSA University is governed by Board of Trustees, which includes prominent figures both on the National and International levels.


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2- What is the story behind MSA University?

Prof.Dr. Nawal El degwi (MSA founder) started her long life goals & achievements in 1958 by foundering Baby Home Language schools followed by Dar El Tarbiah Language Schools in 1961.


To complete her long life journey in providing progressive high end educational foundations, she established MSA University in 1996.


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3- What are the study programs offered by MSA University?

  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Biotechnology
  • Engineering
  • Computer Sciences
  • Management Sciences
  • Arts & Design
  • Languages
  • Mass Communication

4- How to Apply?

To fill out an online application,Click here

5- What are the tuition fees?

To find out the tuition fees, Click here

6- Are there any scholarships offered?

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7- Does MSA University have dorms?

No, MSA University does not have dorms

8- Are there any buses available from/to MSA campus?

MSA University has more than 162 buses that covers all Great Cairo.

9- Where is MSA University located?

MSA University is located at 26 July Mehwar Road intersection with Wahat Road, 6th October City, Egypt. For the exact location: Click here

10- What are MSA University's available facilities?

  • 50 acres Campus with 40% green area
  • 131K m2 total facilities area
  • 119 Lecture Halls
  • 30 Computer Laboratories
  • Gigantic Library
  • 1150 seat Opera House
  • Cinema Hall
  • 400 Seats Theatre
  • 5 Educational Engineering workshops
  • 77 Scientific Laboratories
  • 21 Art Studios
  • Food court (more than 31 Cafeterias around Campus)
  • 4 sports fields
  • Dental out-patient clinic
  • 270 Dental chairs in 14 Dental clinics
  • 1 Dental operation rooms, 1 X-Ray room & 1 sterilization room.
  • 15 Mass communication Studios
  • 2 large videography studios
  • A world class Gym (True Gym)
  • 800+ Day/Night security surveillance cameras

11- IS the application fees refundable?

No, the application is non-refundable.

12- Can I apply in more than one faculty?

Yes, you can choose up to 9 faculties in your application.

13- Does MSA University accept external transfer Students?

Yes we do, please follow this link to know our conditions.

14- What are the certificates I get upon graduation

MSA University provides dual certificates upon graduation, One from Egypt (accredited by the Ministry for Higher & the supreme council of Universities, while the other is from UK as follows:

  • Faculties of Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Engineering & Computer Sciences provide the second graduation certificate from the University of Greenwich.
  • Faculties of Languages, Arts & Design, Management Sciences & Mass Communication provide the second graduation certificate from the University of Bedfordshire.