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  • Tuesday, 14 November 2017 09:20

MSA Official Mobile Application

The MSA mobile application empowers the university's mobile communication strategy, as today's students are dependent on their smart phones for text, email, social media or calling throughout the day. The MSA mobile application provides an opportunity to effectively generate meaningful engagement with students. The main features of mobile application (Apple & Android): Home menu:This feature show case the student profile picture, personalized content about the student academic, latest news, events in the university, all the discount, benefits for the student and Push notifications as well as the social media platforms for the university. My Zone: this feature allow students to view the following,   - Their faculty schedule for sessions per day, weekly and the exams.
  - Results for Mid exams, Final Exams and the GPA.
  - Tuition fees for the academic year, the student's payment amount & discount.
  - The student's courses, the credit hours and the course location.
  - Important links that is attached by the university. Academic Calendar: that show case all the important events in the university. News: View all the news about the university and search for certain articles as well. Students have the ability to filter these news to match their faculty or all the news for the university. Events: View for the important events in the university and search for certain event. Students have the ability to filter the events to match their faculty only or all the events in the university. Discounts & Benefits: View for all the discounts in different shops and restaurants that the student can benefit from.

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