MSA science Club and 57357 CCHE initiative

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  • Tuesday, 14 February 2017 10:55
MSA science Club and 57357 CCHE initiative

On 19 February 2017;

MSA science club board of have created a joint initiative with 57357 CCHE. The initiative was accepted and was greatly welcomed by the CEO of 57375 Prof. Dr. Sherif Aboul Naga.

The initiative includes many terms: cooperation on awareness, marketing, joint trainings, internationally accredited workshops, offers as well as events. Also, MSA Science club will work as a channel to promote volunteering and internship opportunities in 57357. Both have agreed on an annual fixed visit that will be organized by MSA Science club on February each year as well as a summer fun event for children. 57357 Also have offered cooperation in research, research services and post graduate studies programs. Many thanks to Prof. Dr. Sherif Aboul Naga CEO, Prof. Dr. Wael Eweida and Mrs Yomna El Feky COO from 57357 CCHE for their reception and generosity.