Photography & Social Patterns in the Building Environment

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  • Wednesday, 31 March 2021 09:15
Photography & Social Patterns in the Building Environment


On 5th of April 2021 From 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM

The Faculty of Arts & Design - Interior Design department is pleased to be hosting an incredible LIVE WEBINAR talk entitled “ Photography & Social Patterns in the Building Environment “ by Karim El Hayawan , a Cairo-based visual artist and interior architect and the founder of Cairo Saturday Walks, an initiative that invites participants to explore different neighborhoods in Egypt through street photography through an Initiative that was featured and highlighted on CNN’s“ Connect the World ”and“ Destination Egypt”.


He will be demonstrating the relationship between the built environment and the possibilities it creates for social interactions and behaviors is intriguing to photographers to document and have a better understanding about it.


The talk sounds like a great opportunity to learn more about how to see the surroundings in a different way, read between the lines to have better insights of social patterns and how to document the moments with simple tools but different perspectives in order to analyze the context and reflect it in the photographic medium.


Don’t miss it!


Students and Alumni of all MSA University