Best Pharmacy Student Presentation Poster Award

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Best Pharmacy Student Presentation Poster Award

According to Egypt Vision 2030 for sustainable development, the College of Pharmacy, October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA) is keen on maximizing the use of scientific research and its outputs.

Therefore, reducing waste and waste products with the possibility of managing it to maximize its utilization is one of the basic strategies for this research role.
In this context, the students of the College of Pharmacy, October University of Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA), won two awards at the DUPHAT 2019, Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and with the participation of 47 College of Pharmacy from all over the world and more than 500 research topics. Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. / Shahera Ezzat, head of Pharmacognosy department and Dr. Eman Sherien lecturer of pharmacognosy. MSA Pharmacy students received the "Best Pharmacy Student Quality Poster Award" In the quality of the best research project in terms of innovation and quality of the presentation, and to formulate a natural product from the extract of Rosemary stems (the least part used in medicine and food) which proved its capability to reduce the signs of wrinkles and aging on the skin and by testing the product on rats, it showed effectiveness on the reduction of the number and size of wrinkles and maintain the elasticity of the skin by inhibiting the collagenase and elastase enzymes responsible for the appearance of wrinkles. MSA Pharmacy students also received a second prize, "Best Pharmacy Student Presentation Poster Award" For the best presentation of the idea of a scientific research project that benefit from the plant of Ammania, which grows as a harmful herb in the fields of Egyptian rice, which limits the productivity of rice crop in those fields and cause a problem for some farmers. The students tested the plant extract against diabetes and proved its effectiveness in inhibiting the enzymes of glucosidase, amylase and lipase, which is responsible for high blood sugar, and when tested on rats, it was able to reduce the level of glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides. Natural extracts with stem cells were tested on rats with Type 1 diabetes and have been shown to be effective in regeneration of pancreatic cells and increasing insulin secretion. your social media marketing partner

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