Egyptian Pharmaceutical student federation Ceremony

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Egyptian Pharmaceutical student federation Ceremony

In an elegant and very well organized ceremony honoured by MSA University president Prof. Khayri Abdel Hameed and attended by the faculty dean; Prof. Hanan El-Laithy, the director of learning and quality; Dr. Heba Osman, Head of PR; Mr. Ahmed el Degwi and Pharmacy Programme Leader and EPSF-MSA academic supervisor, Assoc. Prof. Gina El-Feky, students of EPSF-MSA (EPSF stands for Egyptian Pharmaceutical student federation) surrounded by their Pharmacy colleagues launched their agenda for 2016-2017 activities and celebrated their successes and achievements for the academic year 2015-2016.

Along the year 2015-2016, the Public health committee of EPSF-MSA, carried a total of 7 mega awareness campaigns on HCV, Down's syndrome, diabetes, breast cancer, HIV, hypertension and asthma. The campaigns targeted people of 5 different villages, 4 sports clubs, 2 main squares, 2 governmental schools, 2 malls, this, in addition to six in house campaigns targeting MSA University students and employers.
The continuous education committee held six workshops for developing the professional and soft skills of pharmacy students.
The research committee organized a full range of sessions for developing the research writing and practical research skills of Pharmacy students.
After all the sleepless nights and the hard work throughout the year 2015-2015, EPSF-MSA fairly earned their full membership in the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Student Federation. Being a full member provides EPSF-MSA with several privileges including the SEP, Student Exchange Programme, which enables the members and their fellow mates in the university to study a specific course of their choice internationally via the travelling contracts that the federation provides to full member associations. Also, being a full member gives EPSF-MSA the right to take part in the voting procedures of the federation’s official matters and elections in the General Assembly.
EPSF-MSA announced their agenda for 2016-2017 under the theme " The role of EPSF-MSA towards the community". your social media marketing partner

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