MSA Dentistry Science Club Calls for “More than a Dentist”

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MSA Dentistry Science Club Calls for “More than a Dentist”

“More than a Dentist” is the event organized by MSA Dentistry’s Science Club that provided a spectrum of successful career experiences by young experts of max 33 years of age at MSA University. What does my future career hides? Am I taking the right choices? These are a common question that has lots of potential answers. How about that we offer them all?

Guests covered the following spectrum of experiences of the Market Man, The Academic, The Double Talented and the Career Shifter.The event lasted for two hours including one hour of free discussion. Each expert discussed his success story and followed by the discussion, evaluation and photo session. About MSA Dentistry’s Science Club: The idea was first created in December 2012 and founded in September 2014, and established in 2015 and the opening event was the Chemistry Magic Show in April. Founders: 1. Al/Mohamed A. Moussa (originator and general coordinator)
2. Sherien Atef (first member and Marketing manager) (sem 7 dent)
3. Nourhan Yasser (second member and HR team manager) (sem 5 dent)
4. Fady Adel (Third member and Public speaking/Fund raising unit manager)
5. TA/Ahmed Ihab (Fourth member and senior trainer from the coordination team) (sem 5 dent)
6. Doaa Mohamed (The 5th member and used to be part of the HR team before she resigned) she was the star of the opening event (sem 5 dent) These students are the core of the science club and AL/Mohamed A. Moussa the idea owner and general coordinator of the Science club and TA/Ahmed Ihab. Through coordination team and the support of our senior consultant Prof. Dr. Sahar Shawkat the club activities are executed. The science club is the first of its kind approach in MSA faculty of dentistry. It is created for students and lead by them in coordination with young staff members and the faculty administration. It seeks to provide an environment rich with knowledge exchange as well as spreading awareness. The science club consists of various teams that will extend according to need. They all work together in coordination with the general coordinator head of the coordination and training team: HR, PR team (two units Marketing and PS/FR unit, Logistics, Delegates, Coordination team (Al/M.Moussa and TA Ahmed ihab), and Planning team (head of teams and board of founders). The event idea originator is Nourhan Yasser Youssef our HR Manager and Semester 5 dentistry student and it was modified by AL/ Mohamed A. Moussa and finalized by the Science club board of founders. Marketing strategy was created by Sherien Atef Marketing manager and executed by all members. All Designs were done by Kareem Abdelfattah our designer and Semester 3 Dental student. Organization plan made by Salma Khaled, logistics team planner, and Mariam Mourad Senior Logistics executive and fully organized by the student members of the science club teams. Malak Basem, Mariam Soliman, HR officers, were following up the event evaluation and Shady Ashraf. Delegate team was monitoring the attendance, waiting list and tickets. Internal organization was carried on by Ghada Mohamed, Ahmed Alaa, Dina El Zayaat and Esraa abo el Nasr and Hazem Amr. General working plan of the event since it started in September was monitored and followed by Hager El Deriny HR logistics officer in coordination with the coordination team. The guests were introduced by Nourhan, Fady and Sherien. Introductory talk was by Prof. Dr. Sahar Shawkat followed by Ahmed Alaa form the delegates’ team. There was a small talk for Prof. Dr. Kahairy during the discussion and followed by a mini speech by our Dean Prof. Dr. Salah Hamed Closing was made by AL/Mohamed A. Moussa thanking all for their role followed by guest honoring by Prof. Dr. Shahar Shawkat. The event was supervised by the coordination team members AL/Mohamed A. Moussa the general coordinator and TA/ Ahmed Ihab the senior trainer. In agreement with the club senior consultant Prof. Dr Sahar Showkat and the Faculty of Dentistry dean Prof. Dr Salah Hamed. The young experts Dr, Sherif Adel, Academic Dentist and comic artist RA in the national centre of research in prosthesis, comic artist and owner of a top 5 virgin stores comic magazine in sales Dr. Moustafa El ALawy, Dentist and Marketing Expert Member of the DICOI, FICD, FAOIA societies, marketing trainer and dentist specialized in periodontology and implants) Dr. Mohamed Nagy, Dentist and Multi-talented artist Freelancing novelist, Certified chef, Cinematic photographer and fine artist with many galleries and books Event hashtag #More_than_a_Dentist. You can follow the Science Club at: your social media marketing partner

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