Arts Soldiers

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  • Wednesday, 29 January 2020 11:14

MSA University - Arts & Design Club

- Improving manual and digital skills of students in their weak sides.


- creating a competition between students


- awaring them the importance of courses in next levels and practical life.


- Obtaining a good CV for MSAIANS filled by their works.

- Academic Advisor: TA.Lojain Alaa Elnawawy


- General Director: Mahmoud Mohamed Osman


- AC Heads: Yousef Ahmed Habashy, Ahmed Elmontasr


- OC Heads: Nadine Mokhtar, Aladdid Amr

- Manual Section: Toqa Eslam, Mahy Hatem, David George and Youssef Amr.


- Graphics Section: Nader Samir, Khadija Abouzeid and Mohamed Mounier.


- Photography Section: Felopateer Hany, Marwan Osama and Yousab Wadea.


4. Mission:
To provide trainings and workshops for the students about the entrepreneurship and to help them adapt it in their lives so everyone can be able to pitch their for-good and for-profit startup ideas in a final competition by the end of the program fueled with social responsibility; ideas that might be launched in the future to create a great impact.
- Organizing committee: Abdallah Hussein


- Coordination Committee: Farah Mahmoud


- Reception Committee: Yassmin Mohamed


- Marketing Committee: Ahmed Mostafa


- HR Committee: Amara Ibrahem


- Fundraising Committee: Ahmed Elmontasr


- Media Committee: Yousab Wadea


- Targeted faculties: Art and Design as a priority, but All faculties are included.


- Targeted number: 90 students and the rest will be resisted in the next semester.



Semester plan:
Week 1: recruitment


Week 2: orientation


Week 3: lecture


Week 4: lecture + workshop


Week 5: Art galleries and outing (buses while going and coming individually).


Week 6, 7 & 8: MID TERM EXAMS


Week 9: lecture + workshop


Week 10: workshop


Week 11: workshop


Week 12: Rehearsal


week13: Final Exhibition



P.S: All lectures and workshops are under the supervision of TA.Lojain Alaa Elnawawy.