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  • Monday, 09 March 2020 12:49

MSA University - library

Introduction & Instructions:
All the functions and services of the Library are fully computerized and they are available to all faculty members, students and staff via the university's network. The individual study area is located on the Third & Fourth floor including electronic library lab on second floor of Building L.


This area is provided for reading and studying individually. Talking or using cellular phones is not allowed.


The Library provides 125 computer machines for the use of students and staff. The use of computers is restricted to accessing databases or internet access for academic work only. MSA Library also provides the facilities of printing, scanning and wifi covered.



The MSA librarians are designing and delivering a one-day course for all new students concerning the effective use of the resources available at the library and How to Deal with Information & Technology Services.

Borrowing Books:
a. To register as a user, go with your University ID card, to the Library Circulation Desk.


b. Students may have up to two books on loan at any one time for a period of seven days each (except for books labeled REF). Loans may be renewed for seven more days if the book is not required by another user. If you wish to renew the loan of a book, you should bring it back to the library for re-stamping. During the extended loan period, a book may be recalled at any time, and must be returned immediately.


c. Staff may have up to three books on loan at any one time for a period of one semester.


d. All books borrowed should not be passed on to other students or staff.


e. If you reserve a book, you must collect it before 12:00 PM on the second working day after its return. Otherwise, it will be returned to the shelves and will be available for other users.


f. Users will be charged the full cost of replacement or repair of lost or damaged books.


g. Fines will be charged for the late return of books unless the delay is caused by illness or other reasons beyond the user's control. Evidence of illness or other circumstances will normally be required at the time of return.


h. The level of fines charged will be displayed in the Library and on its website and may vary from time to time.


i. CDs may not be borrowed.


j. The following penalty system will be applied for the late return or non-return of books borrowed from the Library:



  • Two LE per book for each overdue working day during the first week after the return date stamped in the book.
  • Any book overdue for more than 4 weeks will be considered lost, In such a case, the user will be charged its cost plus 25% of the current price of the book (with a minimum of 20 LE) to cover the administrative overheads.
  • The previous overdue penalties will be added to the user’s fees due at the end of the semester (if not paid before then).
  • To help ensure that no student will disadvantages others by keeping books for long periods before examinations, penalty fees will be doubled for four weeks before University examinations and during the examination period.
  • Penalties will also be doubled for the non-return of books that are recalled for the use of other readers.
  • You can only print 10 % of any book you need

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