Dean's Welcome Note.

Prof. Dr. Nahed Sobhi - Dean, Faculty of Engineering On behalf of the Engineering staff, I would like to welcome you to the Faculty of Engineering. I am confident that you have made the right choice by joining our Faculty, and hope you will enjoy your program of study and find the experience both rewarding and valuable to your future aspirations.We have recently reviewed our programs to ensure they better meet the needs of the job market and society in general, and to cover the latest development in the different engineering disciplines. The programs offer a balance of practical skills, solid theory, and the use of computer technology, which will allow you to obtain new knowledge and skills when pursuing your career. One of the key goals of our programs is to help you become independent learners. By the time you take your graduation project in the fifth year, you will be expected to manage your time and use all the knowledge you acquired in previous years. Engineering fields of study have been rapidly expanding over the last few years and graduates who do well in their specialization are highly valued in today's competitive job market.Our programs at the Faculty of Engineering are established and influenced by a strongly experienced staff that are fully aware of what graduates require to excel in their training and research. To help you in your learning journey, the staff will use their considerable experience and expertise to provide you with highest teaching quality, that is aligned to the different Engineering disciplines. Furthermore, while working towards your degree, you will experience a variety of material delivery and assessment mechanisms that are appropriate to the topics in the various fields and levels of study. You should expect to spend your efforts to use every learning resource in addition to lectures, tutorials, laboratory, seminars, and field trips. Some of these resources will be on-line, while others will be more related to library materials such as books, journals, etc. The more you use a variety of resources, the more likely you will excel. The available specializations in the Faculty of Engineering are: - Architectural Systems Engineering (ASE).
- Electrical Communication & Electronics Systems Engineering (ECE).
- Computer Systems Engineering (CSE).
- Industrial Systems Engineering (ISE).
- Mechanical Systems Engineering (MSE). If you require further clarification regarding the degree you opted for, a staff member in your department will be happy to assist you. Good Luck with your studies. Prof. Dr. Nahed Sobhi.
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.
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